Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge

Hotel in Belmopan, Belize - Warrie Head Ranch and LodgeWarrie Head Ranch and Lodge in Belmopan, BelizeWarrie Head Ranch and Lodge


Where the Colonial History of Belize is Revealed in a Natural Setting

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About Us:
At Warrie Head Lodge the everyday history of colonial Belize will be revealed. A former logging camp nestled in the rolling foothills of the Maya Mountains, Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge is the only place in the country which provides a glimpse into Belize’s colonial past in an idyllic natural setting.

Imagine. The days of pirates, buccaneers, bloodshed and larceny are over. By the 1700s the Baymen had established a small society in Belize, and interest had turned from the logwood once harvested for its dyes, to the hardwoods of the virgin forests.

Facilities & Services:
The mahogany no longer reigns in the forest, yet it remains the common thread of Warrie Head Lodge, reflected in the beauty and warmth of the authentic antique furniture collected from Belizean homes.

Each of the 10 cozy guest rooms is uniquely furnished and you may get to experience the hidden charms of the old colonial chamber pot known as the “thunderbox”!.

10 comfortable rooms in a relaxing atmosphere. Come enjoy eco-tourism, natural history, and archaeological tours. Birding, canoeing, horseback riding, jungle tours, Maya ruins.

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Rates are a good value at US$70 double in-season; from June 1 to September 30, rates drop by US$5, and off-season the seventh night is free with a week’s booking.

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Reservation Policy:
A non-refundable 10% deposit with the Tropical Travel Association is required in order to confirm your reservation. The 90% balance is due to the hotel upon arrival. In special circumstances Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge has the right to apply additional requirements as long as they do so before the 10% deposit is paid.

Of Special Note:
Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge is a naturalist’s paradise. Set in 639 acres in the foothills of the Maya mountains, the grounds are a mix of carefully manicured lawns, botanical gardens with an exotic array of shrubs, trees and tropical plants, and a working ranch of citrus, vegetables, and herbs.

Across Warrie Head Creek and the Belize River, 500 acres have been left as managed wilderness to act as a buffer zone and wildlife habitat, attracting a vast array of wildlife to the grounds, many of them endangered. Over 200 species of birds have been recorded at Warrie Head and viewing opportunities are maximized due to the open areas of lawn intermingled with shrubs bearing the bird’s favorite wild berries.

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Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge - hotel in Belmopan, Belize

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