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Boat Charter - Placencia, Belize - Belize Sailing Charters

Belize is not — and never will be — a big chartering center like the British Virgin Islands. It’s really an “experts only” sailing area, as the stiff winds, strong currents and the barrier reef with its hidden coral heads can make navigation dicey, even for sailors who know local waters. However, for those who are attracted by exactly those qualities which may deter others, a few bareboat and crewed charters are available in Belize.

The best charter company is in Placencia, Belize Sailing Charters. They manage a fleet of catamarans (sail and new motorized cats) for bareboat and skippered chartering. Rates vary depending on the boat and time of year, but range from around US$2,200 to more than US$6,000 a week, not including provisions or a US$20 per-person sailing fee.

Belize Sailing Charters in Placencia has been operating in Belize, Rio Dulce, Guatemala and Bay Islands, Honduras since 1970. Their sailing charter territory covers over 3,000 square miles. Hundreds of islands, cayes and coral reefs make this area perfect for tropical sailing adventures but also present numerous challenges to navigation. Experience is the key to enjoying a safe and memorable sailing vacation in Belize, and Belize Sailing Charters will share their years of experience with you to insure that you have a great sailing yacht charter.

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