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Enjoy our tropical paradise offering some of the world’s best outdoor activities in an unspoiled setting.

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About Us:
The Placencia Hotel is a unique approach to building and operating one of the first life style hotels in Belize.

The Placencia Hotel was created out of a vision of two Europeans who sought to create the ultimate escape where people could relax and tune into the natural world. They wanted to create the quality and standard of a high end hotel similar to the ones in found in parts of Europe but with a tropical setting.

Thus, The Placencia Hotel was born. Come and stay with us and experience the ocean and the land of this little paradise.

Facilities & Services:
This gorgeous resort just opened its doors and has all the amenities to make sure you are completely pampered and thoroughly satisfied with every minute of your idyllic time here. Immerse yourself in the luxury of The Placencia Hotel while drinking in the absolutely spectacular splendor of this paradise, Belize. Come be a part of The Placencia and treat yourself right!

Sea View Villa
1 or 2 Bedrooms with a/c, living room with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi tub, Mini Bar.
US$208.25/single, US$243.95/double, US$267.75/triple, US$374.85/quad

Sea View Villa 2
1 Bedroom with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi, tub, microwave, Mini Bar.

Sea Front Villa
1 Bedroom with a/c, living room with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi tub, Mini Bar.
US$195.00/Single, US$267.75/Double Hotels - Placencia, Belize - The Placencia Hotel

Master Suite
1 Bedroom with a/c, living room with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi tub, kitchenette.

King Suite
1 Bedroom with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi.

Queen Suite
1 Bedroom with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi.

Junior Suite
1 Bedroom with a/c, 1 bathroom with jacuzzi.

Meal Plans
Adults: $77.35 US
Child 12 yrs & younger: $41.65 US

Please note: 9% Hotel Tax and 10% Service Charge are included.

Great Beach!DivingFishingSailHiking and Eco-travelBirdingMayan RuinsLocal Tours
While there are an exciting array of different tours, we recommend:

  • Blue Creek Cave
    Our guide will take you swimming deep into the caves where you can stand under waterfalls and experience total darkness.
  • Jaguar Preserve
    Explore the world’s only jaguar preserve in hopes of catching a glimpse of this mysterious jungle cat.
  • Monkey River
    The Monkey River tour carries you through the emerald green waters of the Monkey River on an enchanting twelve-mile boat ride through the lagoon to the Monkey River Village and mouth of the waterway.
  • Mayan Ruins
    Belize, the center of the ancient Maya world, has a multitude of excavated sites open to the public and ready for exploration.

Reservation Policy:
A non-refundable 10% deposit with the Tropical Travel Association is required in order to confirm your reservation. The 90% balance is due to the hotel upon arrival. In special circumstances The Placencia Hotel has the right to apply additional requirements as long as they do so before the 10% deposit is paid.

Of Special Note:
Ocean Kayaking
We have kayaks available for our guests who can explore along the coast or paddle out to the cayes just minutes away.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Boats fully-equipped with diving and snorkeling equipment and a PADI-certified dive master will whisk you away into the vibrant waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Three spectacular atolls beyond the barrier reef encircle pristine reef systems that offer additional diving adventures, including the famous Blue Hole. Both full-day and half-day excursions are offered with state of the art equipment available for rent if you do not bring your own.

Enjoy various massages and body treatments in our Sea Spa.

How to find us.
Find The Placencia Hotel on the map of PlacenciaOur concierge will gladly arrange for you transfers with the hotel own shuttle to and from the local Placencia airport .

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