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Caye CaulkerHotel in Caye Caulker, Belize - Auxillou Beach Suites

Belize is justifiably famous for great motto’s. One would think that the national motto of “Sub Umbra Florero” (I flourish in the shade) would be hard to beat… but leave it to Caye Caulker with it’s slightly newer motto of “no shirt, no problem!” Caulker is the smaller of the cayes which lie in the Caribbean Sea just off of Belize City and the closer to it, just 40 minutes away by launch. For those short on time but long on interest to see as much as possible, day trips can be organized out of Belize City quite easily and inexpensively.

Hotels - Caye Caulker, Belize - Iguana Reef Inn

The entire island is just 7.5 kilometers long, and 1.5 kilometers wide. There are only three streets – imaginatively called Front Street, Back Street, and Middle Hotels - Caye Caulker, Belize - Diane's Beach HouseStreet (probably by the same guy who came up with the motto!!)… none of them any grander than a simple sand track. Nothing more, however, is really necessary, since the only vehicles on the island are motorized golf carts which double as delivery vans and taxis. Caulker is an unhurried, take-us-as-you-find-us place.

While there’s not much here… a few bars, seafood restaurants selling fresh lobster and conch, an Internet cafe, an American deli and stalls offering snorkel trips, dives, ferry rides… it’s all you’ll need. The locals seem to typify the best of the Caribbean character… warm, friendly, welcoming, laid back with a minimum of the hassle that has taken over other Caribbean cultures. In fact, don’t be surprised if someone tells you to “slow down” if you’re found moving along at normal mainland speeds as you wander the island.

Motel 1788 - hotel in Caye Caulker, BelizeSeaview Hotel in Caye Caulker, BelizeSeaview Hotel

What Dreams are Made of…..

Seaview Hotel is a modern Mediterranean style villa with 4 large tiled rooms and a beach cottage, all on ground level and veranda to the sea.

Single/Double from $50

Motel 1788 in Caye Caulker, BelizeMotel 1788

Since Hurricane Hatti…. it’s been pretty quiet around here!

Motel 1788 is near “The Split”. Caye Caulker was split in two by Hurricane Hatti in 1962. The resulting channel, called “The Split” is popular with swimmers, snorklers, and fishermen.

Single/Double from $50

Shirley's Guest House in Caye Caulker, BelizeShirley’s Guest House

It’s ALL Good! And Cancun’s a long ways away….

Every room overlooks the sea and a beautiful morning sunrise! It’s ideal for those who love the Caribbean atmosphere without the crowds of tourist and development.

Single/Double from $65

Lazy Iguana B & B in Caye Caulker, BelizeLazy Iguana B & B

Let our private paradise be your home away from home!

The serene and relaxed atmosphere of the Lazy Iguana mirrors the laid back attitude of Caye Caulker. Pack your bathing suits and stuff, and come see us.

Single/Double from $95

Auxillou Beach Suites in Caye Caulker, BelizeAuxillou Beach Suites

Welcome to your Caye Caulker home away from home!

These are beachfront condos that are among the best on the island. Step out from your deck and walk on the beach!

Single/Double from $120

Iguana Reef Inn in Caye Caulker, BelizeIguana Reef Inn

Imagine the idyllic, laid-back island lifestyle of Caye Caulker.

Experience the casual elegance of the Iguana Reef Inn on Caye Caulker and discover the Belize barrier reef – diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, windsurfing.

Single/Double from $114

Diana's Beach House in Caye Caulker, BelizeDiana’s Beach House

On the Beach….

….yet central to the village, Diane’s Beach House offers visitors panoramic Caribbean views, breath-taking sunrises and easy access to snorkel & dive centers.

Single/Double from $125